About Horse-Guided Leadership

Horse guided leadership will inspire you to look at your leadership,  and to self-reflect from a new perspective.  It also provides the opportunity  to observe, experience and reflect on your people skills and team dynamics. In this unique, fun and meaningful sessions the horses ARE the teachers,,,

Embark on a journey of self discovery and gain insights like no other.  . Horse Guided Leadership is about doing something you’ve never done before, pushing your comfort zone barrier, investigating who you are, having fun with the horses.

In one way or the other leadership and people skills have a profound role and impact in our everyday lives. This is why  Horse-Guided Leadership is   for everyone and anyone.

For more than twenty years, corporate presidents, Management experts, coaches, business consultants and individuals from around the world rejoiced together in this deep and profound experience with horses  inspiring a new level of connected-ness and passion within their lives and organizations.

 Why Horses ?

Horses have always played an important role in human development. From transport, to the military, sport and entertainment. It seems, as humanity develops, so does the purpose of the horse…we once again look to our horse partners, to show us the way.

Horses, being herd animals, are by nature experts in clear, direct and very simple communication. They are very intuitive and react  to listening to a person’s body language, mental communication and impact. If we observe their feedback we can learn a lot about our own behavior.  Their immediate, unbiased feedback makes them the ideal training partners for a new approach in personal development and leadership style.

More than just a normal team building, here you get honest, unbiased feedback from our 400kg partners. You get to ouch and connect with these sentient begins in a safe and empowering way that enables openness, emotions and feelings. We talk about body language and all the subconscious messages we sent out and are not aware of it, and we get teams to received immediate feedback if they are aligned or not.

What Happens in our Sessions ?

A balanced blend of practical exercises with the horse and discussions sets the scene of all sessions. You will engage in hands-on in-the-moment exercises which will enable you to self-reflect and gain insights on your approach to leadership and team dynamics from a different perspective. No prior experience with horses is required and all activities are on the ground.


Take-home Benefits

The results are faster and longer-lasting because they follow an experiential learning method. Participants take away several long-lasting benefits including:

  • Reflection Journal and explanation model of session activities
  • Greater confidence
  • Practical leadership and relationship skills
  • More effective communication techniques
  • Increased respect, trust, and recognition
  • And an Improved ability to inspire, lead and motivate
  • As well as an enhanced self-awareness through your eyes and the horse!

Who conducts the Sessions ?

In Horse-Guided Leadership, the horses ARE the teachers ! All sessions are facilitated by your local Certified Horse-Assisted Educators based on the Horse Dream Concept® .  For booking and inquiries please contact Oman-based Horse-Assisted Educator, Ilhaam alMaskery


Tel: +968 95140 171