Trotting with excitement to represent Horse-Powered-Reading as the first Middle Eastern certified Horse Powered Reading Instructor.

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What is Horse Powered Reading?
Horse Powered Reading takes reading beyond a classroom setting and into the field where reading is made visible and physical for the struggling learners. Using Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association’s (EAGALA) model of Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) as the foundation, Horse Powered Reading integrates social-emotional learning with academics. Through their interaction with horses, students see and experience reading with their entire mind, body and emotions by creating metaphors for the skills involved in reading. Horse Powered Reading is a form of experiential learning which focuses on the learning process for the individual.

Why Horses?
1)Horses are natural teachers.
2)Horses allow for movement in learning
3)Horses have distinct personalities and defined social roles within the herd, allowing students to identify and form connections with them.
Horses help us reflect on how we approach relationships, learning, and challenges.
4)Because they are prey animals, horses have evolved to be extremely sensitive to their environment. They react to our body language and cues. That can give very good insight into what the student is experiencing emotionally during a session.

Is horse experience required?
No previous horse experience is needed. No riding activities.

Is Horse Powered Reading Effective?
Yes! Our research has discovered it only takes a few key reading skills combined with motivation, self-efficacy/confidence, and persistence, all of which are taught by the horses, to create an exponential growth in learning. Horse Powered Reading has helped thousands of clients become better readers since its inception in 2012.

More about Horse Powered Reading?

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