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Further Learning Opportunities

Dr. Michele Pickel developed Horse-Powered Reading lesson plans adapted to The Horse book Series exclusively for horse-powered reading instructors globally. Click here for more information.

Dr Gerard Kerbs has adapted The Horse Book Series to family coaching sessions with horses via European Association for Horse Assisted Education. Click here for more information


You can support further learning opportunities within a familiar context by focusing on something new with each retelling of any of the books in The Horse Book Series.

Remember that Repetitive Reading is an important step in a child’s learning journey.

One reading session can focus on the text, exploring new vocabulary and sight words. Another session can focus more on phonics, whilst the session after can look more closely at the illustrations.

Some reading sessions can focus on real events in a child’s life and present prompts on self-reflection. The author recommends Your Horse, Your Reflection and How We Grow for this reading objective.

The Horse Book Series is available in 3 languages, English, Arabic and French making it a particularly useful resource for multi-lingual learners.

You can also build on their interests by offering books from the same author or around a similar topic.


Integrated Learning and Family Engagement inspired by The Horse Book Series presents a unique combination of learning opportunities and reinforcement of taught concepts through its activities which include:

  • A versatile collection of activities addressing various objectives in multiple learning areas such as Language arts, Mathematics, Science, Research and Social Studies, Life Skills, Arts & Crafts.
  • Activities for different types of learners including social, solo, verbal, logical, physical and musical learners.
  • Multiple skills level and multiple support level activities.
  • Opportunity for all-family engagement strengthening relationships and enriching the learning experience.
  • Educator flexibility in expanding or diluting activities and topics as needed
  • Educator flexibility in pacing and incorporating into existing curriculum

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