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Meet Muhammad..

Muhammad is an intelligent and inquisitive 6 year old with a hunger to learn about everything and anything!

Whilst most children his age are ‘learning to read’ he prefers ‘reading to learn’. This energy was somehow frustrating for a young boy having limited access to age-appropriate  literature-based recreational reading resources. Muhammad struggled to find books in the many topics which interested him, similar to the books in his father’s library collection yet in a more child-friendly layout.

The majority of reading books in mainstream education are  level-based readers which are typically structured, repetitive,  limited in vocabulary, ‘level appropriate’ books. The combination of text and irrelevant topics, as he perceives it, is boring and demotivating. He was very quickly beginning to loose interest in reading..


Muhammad Today..

The Horse Book Series helps Muhammad tune-in through pleasure reading, focussed discussion and enquiry-based learning, creating a more meaningful and rational educational experience. This experience has motivated him to attempt even more challenging books!

Through the interest-driven, objective-based fun exercises, Muhammad’s educators can easily build on the learning and expand the topics as needed.

Integrated Learning and Family Engagement  is his favorite educational resource for  reinforcing taught concepts, and introduction of new concepts.


Research Findings:

  • Majority of students (boys in particular) refer to book’s topic more than illustrations when selecting books.
  • School age boys and girls have a preference for non fiction informational text.
  • Majority of students chose books that serve as windows to the world around them, especially the animal kingdom.
  • The common denominator amongst most selected books for first graders are books in which animals feature prominently.
  • Students see Animal type books as recreational and are not intimidated about perceived text difficulty and confident they will be eventually successful reading the book.

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Source: Source: Children’s Choices for Recreational Reading: A Three Part Investigation of Selection Preferences, Rationales, and Processes. Kathleen A.J. Mohr, University of North Texas

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