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If you are reading this book, chances are you have asked or been asked these most common and relevant questions on home-schooling; WHY? WHO? WHEN? WHERE? WHAT? and HOW?  This book is my humble attempt to address them through my own learning experiences, challenges and reflections compounded in 365 days of home-schooling.

This book is not an ultimate guide to home-schooling rather a window into my family’s journey. Here I share some of our challenges, enriching experiences and everything in between. So it is with excitement that you will find plenty of my self-initiated and favourite lesson ideas, tips on home-schooling management and valuable teaching resources.

Whichever your family’s schooling philosophy, I hope you will find something here which you can relate to and one which will enrich your own experience … Enjoy this collection of journals and social media publications in its rawest form!

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